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My name is Reniza Larraquel. I have 2 years experience in the Real Estate Industry.

My job is not as glamorous or highly paid as people think. There are a lot of unpleasant moments in this job. I'm dealing with something that people are emotionally attached to and that takes the average family thirty years to pay off. I can have bad days but then I get a good client and all the enthusiasm comes rushing back again.

There’s no standard start or finish time or guaranteed paycheck every fortnight. I have to be a certain type of person to succeed in this industry and to be able to live with the financial uncertainty.

I do have regular clients as well as recommendations and referrals. The stranger I sell a house to can become a future client, so my listings grow quickly. Word of mouth is one of the most important things in this industry. I must keep in touch with my clients so that when they are ready to sell they know where to find me. If people like me they’ll stick with me, which actually happens :-).

I become a part of people’s lives because I spend a lot of time with them at odd hours. I quickly become a very good negotiator because I'm in their home and there are always dramas to contend with.

I meet people at the property they’re interested in and take them through it. Most people have a gut feeling about what they want but they may ask you your opinion on the location of the property, extensions and the potential to overcapitalise. They want your professional opinion.

I have no typical day except that I always solve problems. I spend at least fifty per cent of my day on the mobile phone, landline, email, yahoo chat either answering questions or finding answers for clients. Clients call me about financial approval, home appraisals, home listings or completing the paperwork on a property. I also have to decide how I’m going to advertise and organise home open dates.

My main aim is to protect my client and give the best service in real estate matters. I am accredited to Profiends in different categories/location. PROPERTY COMPANY OF FRIENDS, INC., more popularly known as PROFRIENDS,INC. a property development company that started operations in February 1999.






















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